Month: December 2018

How to choose a leather jacket

How to choose a leather jacket

The leather coat often considered a manly piece in men, glamor rock in women, not to say sexy, is a must in our dressing in recent years.

No more prejudices, the brown leather bomber jacketis trendy, chic and timeless. The Rock look has never taken a ride, going on forever, we play with style and colors. The leather jacket like the perfecto for example, can be looked, because it is a fashion piece infinitely decline.

The creators have understood, the leather coat is more and more colorful, shapes change, the cuts too, for you to find the one that suits you best.

But how? How to choose a leather jacket? Is it a question of fashion, cut, size?

We offer below a non-exhaustive list, which should help you take the plunge, to buy your leather jacket without making a mistake.

The size is an essential item Ready to Wear leather bomber jacket men , that’s why, it is good to specify that leather models always cut a little small (especially Italian jackets and jackets), that we always feel a little cramped, but that they relax with time. For example, imagine a person measuring 1m 85, usually this person would wear XL, with a chest size of 95cm (size M), so we advise this person to wear the intermediate size is a size L. Specifically, note that if your height is greater than the correspondence of your chest, it is better to take the in-between.

How to choose a leather jacket

The quality of the leather for the bomber jacket leather is another specificity to observe. There are several kinds of leather: we call “leather flower”, the upper layer of the beast, it is the noblest part. The leather flower is known to be more flexible, more resistant but also more effective against weather such as rain for example.

  • Conversely, the “leather crust” is drawn from the lower layer of the animal, so it is less smooth. Depending on the quality of the leather you choose, you will have a coat of a different style, also by the texture, lifespan, but also to the fallen.

Lamb leather is often idolized for the mens leather bomber jacket, considered the most beautiful. Indeed, its finesse allows a more elegant garment making, which by its flexibility marries the forms.

Before making an impulsive purchase that you will regret, do you ask the right questions? A timeless jacket, like a perfecto? A bomber? An aviator style? No matter which style you choose, your jacket or leather jacket must meet your style, match your body type so as not to lock in a total leather look.